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Tirana 2010 udherrefyesi praktik i kryeqytetit
  • Tirana 2010 udherrefyesi praktik i kryeqytetit

Tirana 2010, Udhërrëfyesi praktik i kryeqytetit

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Titulli: Tirana 2010, Udhërrëfyesi praktik i kryeqytetit/ Practical city guide and map of Tirana

Gjuha: Shqip & Anglisht

Botues: Çelësi

Viti: 2010

f. 848

Pesha: 1.16 Kg.

ISBN: 978-99956-677-4-0

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Udhëzues i shkurtër mbi procesin e porositjes së librave nëpërmjet faqes tonë.

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Apollonia, Its history and monuments, Neritan Ceka

It would be inappropriate to consider Apollonia the Pompeii of Albania, given the sheer richness of the archaeological heritage concentrated there. An important economic and cultural centre, continuously, over a thousand years, it was gradually abandoned during the Middle Ages.0

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Albania Through Arts, Ferid Hudhri

Seen through the eyes of artists, even a small country like Albania appears full of variety and unique. Over the course of many, many years of research, through gathering endless artistic images, the most important aspects of Albanian life and history have been perpetuated. However, only a marginal part of these works have become known or published.

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Tirana In Your Pocket (Guide Qyteti - Anglisht)

"Tirana is growing up fast. After a few prepubescent years of fooling around with the wrong friends, and some petty crime in the 1990s and some half-hearted first attempts at using make-up immediately afterwards, the city is now emerging as a young lady getting ready to show the world what she's all about. 

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