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Reference: 2569

Brand: Extra

Pinoku, Carlo Collodi

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Title: PinokuOriginal: PinocchioCategory: NovelAuthor: Carlo CollodiAlbanian translator: Robert AnastasiPublisher: ExtraYear: 2010Pgs. 184Weight: 0.201 kgISBN: 978-99956-16-45-8

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Reference: 2276

Brand: Extra

Provo veten 2, Albana Tare (Kadiu)

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Title: Provo veten 2 ! Mua më ke pranë!Original: Provo veten 2 ! Mua më ke pranë!Category: Didactic bookAuthor: Albana Tare (Kadiu)Publisher: ExtraYear: 2011Pgs. 114Weight: 0.283 kgISBN: 978-99927-36-45-3

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