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Brand: SARAS

William Shakespeare, Dramat, vol. 1

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Title: William Shakespeare, Dramat, vëllimi i parëOriginal: William Shakespeare, Dramat, vëllimi i parëCategory: DramaAuthor: William ShakespeareAlbanian translator: Kristaq TrajaPublisher: SarasYear: 2013Pgs. 512Weight: 0.37 kg.ISBN: 978-9928-152-05-3

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Brand: SARAS

Shitesit e Apokalipsit, Gazmend Krasniqi

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Title: Shitësit e ApokalipsitOriginal: Shitësit e ApokalipsitCategory: NovelAuthor: Gazmend KrasniqiPublisher: SarasYear: 2012Pgs. 136Weight: 0.15 kgISBN: 978-9928-152-00-8

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