Princi i vogel (audio liber)

The Little Princ in Albanian Geg Dialect & in Audio Book

Princi i vogel (audio liber)As a friend of “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, we are pleased to inform you that another very nice version of this famous book is now available on our website.

The new version was published in Pristina, Kosovo and differs from the old variant published in Tirana that you have already purchased because the language of publication is Geg Albanian, a dialect that comprises the biggest “lingua franca” among Albanians today. (Illustrations are the same as those of the Tirana version).

The book is associated with two CDs with accompanying audio book.

Title: Princi i vogël (The little prince) (audio book w/2 CD)
Original in French: Le Petit Prince
Author: Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Children’s literature in Albanian
Illustrations by the author
Albanian translator: Gjylektin Shehu
Publisher: Rrota
Place & Year: Prishtina, 2008
Pgs. 96
Weight: 0.22 kg
ISBN: 978-9951-509-01-5

7 thoughts on “The Little Princ in Albanian Geg Dialect & in Audio Book”

  1. hello,
    i would like you to inform me the price in euros for the new edition of “the little prince”.
    except the two cds i suppose the story is printed in the Albanian language in the book as well?
    Thank you in advance for your answer. i’m looking forward to receiving your email in order to make an online order

  2. Dear Evgenia,
    thank you for your question and your interest in “Princi i vogel”. We have two version of the book which you can see by clicking here
    The audiobook version with 2 CDs is out of stock, while the regular Albanian version is still available to be ordered.
    Kind regards

  3. Eugenia asked about the accompanying book in Albanian, that’s what I’d like to know too. And are there any other Albanian audio books out there?

  4. I am glad that Princi vogel will be published in the Geg dialect. There is someone intelligent enough to stand up for the dialect that is spoken by the majority of Albanians today. It is unfortunate that under communism there was an indoctrination program to teach albanians that the Geg dialect was inferior to the tosk dialect. Intellectuals who opposed Enver Hoxha were either jailed or executed. It is important that dialects are not lost. For they tell the history of our language. There is no right or wrong language as Albanians are taught in schools. It would be nice if Kosova adopted its own dialect since the tosk dialect is not spoken in Kosova. Its time even for Albania to restore the Geg dialect which was the official language of Albania before the communists changed it to their own. Communism died in Albania and so should the Tosk dialect as a standard Albanian language. Even Tirona was a geg city. They spoke a dialect similar to diber until the communists banned the northern dialect after they took over. Time to respect the Geg dialect and have people learn it as well in schools. Like we have many words in English we also have many words in North and south. Its time to make the Geg dialect official too. If Tosk Albanians can learn many languages like Greek and Italian and Serbian. I don’t see why they can’t learn the Geg dialect too.

  5. We just got another 6 copies of the book today. We’ve placed a small announcement on our website. If you’re still interested, please hurry as last time they were finished in just two days from the moment they were live on the website.

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