Third Edition of Let’s Learn Albanian is out now

Dear friends of,

Lets learn Albanian (language method)We are glad to announce that the latest “third edition” of “Let’s Learn Albanian” the most comprehensive Albanian language methods is out now.

The new version has been expanded and improved based on the feedback and consultation with students, teachers and language experts.

Some of the latest updates and improvements to the method include:

  • a larger and more readable font,
  • a brand new word stress system to help with proper pronunciation
  • improved and simplified language helps and tables
  • and many more minor adjustments, corrections, etc.

This new and updated edition took over one year of continued work and improvement so as to set a higher standard in the process of learning and teaching the Albanian language.

The book is now available to be ordered online or at our Tirana bookstore.

Discover the Albanian Language and Dialects with Robert Elsie

Albanian Dialects map (c) AlbanianLiterature.netIf you are Albanian or someone working on learning the Albanian language then I would encourage you to delve a little deeper into understanding the roots and the development of this ancient language.

To help you with this process, out of the many different sources out there I would direct you to one scholar whom many would recommend highly for his wonderful work, translations, study and research regarding the Albanian language and literature. His name is Robert Elsie and is one of those few people that has contributed and continues to contribute so much to this ancient language that I is my mother-tongue. Continue reading Discover the Albanian Language and Dialects with Robert Elsie