Saranda, Ionian Romance (Film DVD)

Saranda, Ionian Romance (Film DVD)

Saranda, Ionian Romance (Film DVD)We are glad to finally offer to our customers everywhere around the world this beautiful and very complete traveler’s guide tour in DVD format about Saranda and surrounding areas.

Saranda region abounds in surprises: vibrant people, exotic cultures, exciting history, beautiful sea, and scenic wonders.

This video captures the uniqueness of a vacation wonderland, going beyond the usual, to sites seldom seen.

It’s a hiker’s paradise, but also a place where you will dive into the ultra blue waters, sail the majestic Ionian Sea and, deep in the forest, dive into the waters of the Blue Eye.

Visit the Monastery Beach, the ancient floor mosaics, the monasteries of Mesopotami, Kostan, Saint Geroge, etc., the ancient town of Foinike, the castles of Ali Pasha, the castle of Lekuresi and that of Borshi and the Bektashi complex at Rusan. Dive along the brand new costal road up to the majestic beaches of Kakome, Bunets, Borshi, etc…from Butriniti National Park down South, jump to the smaller jewels in the string of several cliff hugged beaches of Ksamili.

And there is much more…
Enjoy the Ionian romance of your life!

This video will be the enhanced memory of your journey to Saranda and beyond. Shot it to others as a lovely surprise and, afterwards, producly say to them: “I have been there!”

The DVD guide is in two languages: English and Albanian

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